3G Pitch Construction

Artificial Turf for Football Pitches and Rugby Pitches

S&C Slatter offers your school or sports club a full 3G pitch construction service. Our friendly team of 3G pitch construction specialists can take your project from design and planning through to completion.

What is a 3G Pitch?

3g pitch construction for schools and sports clubs

Artificial turf became popular as an all-weather pitch in the 1980s. Players responded negatively due to the hard and abrasive surface, which performed nothing like natural grass. Since then, artificial turf has been significantly developed to provide a safe and realistic playing surface that performs and responds like natural grass. This was achieved by producing longer grass fibres (40mm – 65mm), introducing a rubber crumb infill and laying a shock pad under the turf, called an e-layer.

A sports field using this third generation artificial turf is known as a 3G pitch.

Can a 3G pitch be used for professional football and professional rugby?

3G pitch construction for rugby

Third generation artificial turf has had a massive impact on professional sport. In the past, artificial turf was typically restricted to training pitches but it is now a popular surface for the match pitch.

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) have updated The Laws of the Game to allow for a 3G pitch in professional football. Law 1 “The Field of Play” states:

“Matches may be played on natural or artificial surfaces according to the rules of the competition.”

The IRB (International Rugby Board) likewise allows a 3G pitch in the professional rugby game and have released the following statement:

“Players, coaches and club officials will benefit from the newest generation of artificial turf. The requirements set are based on the performance characteristics of natural grass.”

Both FIFA and IRB regulate the quality of artificial turf surfaces by only awarding certifications to 3G pitches that have undergone a series of laboratory and field tests. More information about the testing and certification process can be found here:

Is a 3G pitch suitable for schools and sports centres?

3g pitch for schools

Acceptance of artificial turf by the governing bodies of football and rugby is testimony to the quality now available – it is safe for players and ball response is realistic. Many schools and sports facilities are now turning their attention to artificial turf because of the practical and financial advantages. Natural grass pitches require expert turf care and will suffer from muddy patches if used excessively. In contrast, a 3G pitch will always stay in optimum condition with low artificial turf maintenance costs.

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