Artificial Turf Pitch Maintenance

Why is maintaining your artificial turf pitch important?

Because if you don’t there is every chance it will fail to provide the long term performance, accessibility and value for money in which you invested considerable finance in the first place. This may come as somewhat of a surprise – did you think that artificial turf means ‘maintenance free’? Or was it that you believed it was something you didn’t really have to do and could probably ‘get away with’?

The reality is that sports surfaces – natural grass, tarmacadam, polymeric, artificial turf 3G, 4G, 5G, water-based, sand-dressed, sand-filled – all require maintenance. It’s just the type, intensity and frequency of aftercare that tend to vary between the various surfaces.

And of course the time of year and weather will have a direct influence on the condition of your pitch, as will the location, sports played and usage levels. It all comes down to a range of factors which will be specific to your facility. Hence the programme of maintenance best suited and most likely to deliver the benefits you require, will need to be individually assessed and bespoke in its ‘design’.

Failure to maintain an artificial turf pitch in the correct way and to a recommended frequency is also very likely to invalidate or at very least limit the artificial turf suppliers product warranty. That can have very onerous consequences.

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Significant issues can occur through the lack of a maintenance regime

How can S&C Slatter help with maintenance of your artificial turf pitch?

One of our unique strengths as a provider of maintenance and remedial services is that we have over 24 years’ experience as specialists in the design and build of artificial sports facilities. This includes artificial turf pitch projects of all sizes and complexities for Football, Hockey, Rugby, Lacrosse, Tennis, Netball, Cricket and Multi-use Games (MUGA).

And in partnership with FieldTurf, S&C Slatter is also currently working on a number of pitches under the Football Association, Football Foundation, Rugby Football Union, Sport England, English Hockey Framework.

We know how pitches are constructed and are therefore best placed to understand how maintenance, or the lack of it, impacts on performance and longevity. Also if your pitch needs remedial, refurbishment or significant corrective work, we have both the in-house expertise and resources to decide on the most appropriate course of action and complete the same in a single point-of-contact project. This includes a substantial civil engineering department.

We continually invest in a fleet of state of the art artificial pitch maintenance machinery. We understand the importance of using the right equipment for any given task and our investment ensures we can tackle any maintenance challenges presented by your facility.

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In reality, our reputation for delivering consistent quality is your very best guarantee.

Clements-Hall-MaintenenceExample of a well maintained artificial turf pitch at Clements Hall Leisure Centre