3G Football Turf: Challenges & Solutions

A football club can face several challenges with their pitch facility. These can include growth capacity, surface quality, project finances and the environment. 3G Football Turf provides solutions to these challenges.


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» Financial Challenges
3G Football Turf facilities enable you to generate more revenue from pitch rental. Some clubs are generating over £80,000 per annum in pitch rental income.The pitch can be used more frequently with a 3G Football Turf surface. This enables you to generate increased attendance, additional catering and merchandise sales. Getting many more people to use the pitch has helped clubs to raise the profile of their club attracting some of those visitors back on match days.Increased usage of your football facility will assist you to leverage better sponsorship revenue. As the number of people using the pitch increases significantly, sometimes as many as 1,000 per week, this can stimulate the value of sponsorship and advertising deals.3G Football Turf helps reduce operating costs, particularly pitch maintenance. Evidence suggests that these can be cut by up to 75% compared to a typical grass pitch.An all weather pitch ensures you minimise penalties for match postponements. It also helps avoid fixture congestion which can also impact on attendance revenues.You can reduce costs by moving your team training onto the main pitch; this becomes possible with 3G Football Turf. Doing this has saved many clubs thousands of pounds they used to spend hiring additional training pitch capacity.
» Club’s Profile and Visibility
Installation of a new 3G Football Turf pitch creates great PR for clubs – it’s something that local papers are interested in covering.Getting up to 1,000 people a week going through your club raises its profile in the local communityThe ability to hold charity events on your pitch helps to create on-going PR opportunitiesBetter profile and visibility is attractive to sponsors and advertisers and can also help when building youth squads.
» Pitch Quality Challenges
3G Football Turf delivers a pitch that is of a consistently high standard all year round. Especially in the winter when there seems to be nothing but non-stop rain, your pitch will always be in perfect condition.S&C Slatter guarantee that the pitch is constructed and installed to an internationally recognised standard.Our turf partner’s FIFA Preferred Producer status (for FIFA 1 Star and FIFA 2 Star football pitches) means a company with a global reputation and one you can trust.S&C Slatter can provide you with detailed evidence that 3G Football Turf is safe for your players. Numerous research studies have shown that there is no discernible difference in injury rates between 3G Football Turf and natural grass.S&C Slatter can provide you with essential maintenance expertise to ensure your pitch stays in top condition.
» Growth Capacity Challenges
3G Football Turf maximises the usage of your new pitch to offer more training and match opportunities.3G Football Turf enables you to grow your youth team structure utilising the main pitch. A standard Football Turf Pitch can be divided into 3 junior pitches very easily, allowing far more youth matches to be played.A 3G Pitch can maximise the potential for summer camps and non-football activities.An all weather surface increases pitch usage can help strengthen community ties and boost attendance.
» Environmental Challenges
3G Football Turf dramatically reduces your water usage which for some pitches can be thousands of litres per day in the summer period. This helps the environment and reduces your water bills.3G Football Turf eliminates the need for fertilizer, helping to reduce nitrate levels in ground water.3G Football Turf eliminates the need for pesticides making the surrounding area safer for wildlife.Our surface is recyclable so when it has to be replaced after 8 to 10 years it can be fully recycled with minimum impact on the environment.The rubber crumb infill we use utilises recycled car tyres. This creates a use for a product that currently has very little alternative use.


artificial turf

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At S&C Slatter our team of specialists can help to deliver a complete turnkey solution for your club. We take away all of the hassle and make the process simple and straightforward.

» Finance & Feasibility
We can help you prepare a business plan to make sure it is worthwhile investing in a new 3G Football Turf pitch. We will identify the best design option for your club in your circumstances. There is no standard solution; all site locations are different and each club may have slightly different requirements. With a clear business plan in place this can help to raise funds either through loans, grants, or equity investment. In some cases we can even help raise the finance to fund the project.
» Design
We don’t baffle you with science. We ask you what you want to use the pitch for, we study the local conditions and we come up with exactly the right technical specification. Ensuring that the groundworks are designed for local conditions, such as a local geology, high water table, etc, will ensure that your new 3G Football Turf pitch is the right design for your site specific location.We will select exactly the right playing surface that meets your needs for quality, durability and playing style.Some clubs may want to share their pitch with other sports. No problem. We have a range of solutions that can, for example, allow you to play both football and rugby on the same pitch.
» Planning
Our specialist planning consultancy services provide specific advice on the planning process to ensure your project is not delayed by the failure to get planning permission. By ensuring the planning process is properly managed it ensures your new 3G Football Turf match pitch is delivered in the closed season window with no loss of fixtures.
» Construction
We prepare the site, carry out the groundworks, install the services, lay the 3G Football Turf and install the floodlighting (if required). As experienced specialists, we have the skills and resources to ensure that the installation is always carried out to the highest standards. FIFA 1 Star or 2 Star certification of the completed facility guarantees that the pitch has been installed to a globally recognised standard.Our match pitch conversion works are typically carried out in the closed season, ensuring you do not miss any matches while the new pitch is installed. For new build training ground facilities we can undertake works at almost any time of the year, so when planning is secured and funding solutions are in place the works towards delivering your new 3G Football Turf facility can begin.
» Maintenance
We have the expertise to advise you on the best maintenance programme to keep your pitch in top condition. We provide in-house maintenance contract services to ensure S&C Slatter are with you from the start and supporting you for many years to come.We ensure that you have the right equipment and that your ground staff completely understands how the pitch should be maintained.If you don’t have the resources or prefer not to maintain the pitch yourself, we can help you arrange on-going maintenance contracts.
» Facility Revenue Optimisation
S&C Slatter recognise that in order to deliver you a comprehensive and first-class service we not only need to support you at through every stage of the pre-construction and construction phases of your 3G FootballTurf project, but also once the facility is complete.Crucially we offer to support and advise you on how best to ensure that your new facility is being maximised for revenue generation. The revenue potential of 3G Football Turf is significant; if you don’t get paying users on to your pitch you could be missing out on big revenue opportunities.S&C Slatter provide expert advice and guidance on marketing your new facility into the local neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Using traditional and new media assets such as Facebook and Twitter we can ensure everyone in your vicinity knows about the pitch and can easily identify when and how they can book their slots to play.We will offer services to design a bespoke website for your new facility, linking into online club shops, online gift ideas and vouchers for regular users. We can provide an online booking service for the pitch and specialist services for the website ensuring it is found first in local 3G pitch hire searches.We understand that this is a specialist and oftentimes time consuming aspect of the facility’s operation. It is also vitally important to the ongoing success of the facility. Let us remove this headache and incorporate these important activities into a comprehensive and professional package of works for you.

3G Football Turf

artificial turf

S&C Slatter can deliver the entire project for the client. Too often we see great ideas and concepts that require the client to engage many individual services in order to achieve what they want. S&C Slatter has created a team of experts, to give you a single point of contact, a single contract responsibility and a single delivery vehicle.


Useful Documents

Please refer to our library which carries a number of useful documents produced by the sport’s governing and or advisory bodies.

Document Link » Sport England – Artificial Surfaces for Outdoor Sport Guide


Document Link » All Wales Vision and Guidance for Artificial Turf Pitches


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Document Link » Sport Scotland – 3G synthetic turf pitch guide



With S&C Slatter our team of specialists can deliver a complete turnkey solution for your school, club or sports centre. We aim to provide a single point of contact, a single delivery vehicle, single contract responsibility, taking away all the hassle of multi-agency resourcing; making the process simple and straightforward.



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