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You may be experienced in 3G Football Turf systems and the benefits they offer, or you may not. Either way it is understandable that you would have some questions to ask regarding S&C Slatter and how we work.

Click the questions below to see how S&C Slatter delivers 3G football turf projects:

Who are the people involved at S&C Slatter?
S&C Slatter has over 20 years of experience in artificial sports turf facility development. The company are specialists in the construction and maintenance of 3G Artificial Grass Pitches, also known as 3G Football Turf. S&C Slatter delivers projects with extensive in-house construction capability and has an established reputation for quality.There are selected and approved partners who provide support services to S&C Slatter to deliver their 3G Football Turf concept – architects, planning consultants, funding and finance specialists, expert marketer’s and business consultants. Each has been selected for their skills for each aspect of the facilities development. Meet The Team »
How does S&C Slatter secure funding solutions?
S&C Slatter and its partners have long recognised that fundamental to whether a project even starts to be considered will be the ability to raise adequate funds.There are a number of funding initiatives available to football clubs which are administered by the Football Foundation on behalf of the Football Association. In addition to these avenues of funding, S&C Slatter has identified a number of legitimate and realistic finance options. With the correct planning and preparation these options that can be utilised for the facility development purposes. Our financial experts have extensive experience in this field and could bring new opportunities and options where there might otherwise not have been.
How are specific site factors dealt with?
As one might expect, every project and every site will bring its own unique challenges and opportunities. S&C Slatter are a team of experts, specialising in recognising site constraints and opportunities and adapting design solutions to suit. All aspects of the project development will be considered in the early keystage of feasibility. Measures to ensure adequate power supplies for floodlighting, adequate drainage for new facilities, sufficient parking and access/egress routes will affect individual project costs and design. S&C Slatter has the capability to design all manner of solutions to mitigate planning concerns.This will be discussed in more detail once you and the S&C Slatter team meet at your first free consultation.
Are the costs of the keystages fixed?
S&C Slatter will outline very clearly all aspects of the keystage works, the costs associated with each and the anticipated results from each completed keystage. The cost of the keystage work will be fixed following the initial free consultation meeting and agreement of project brief.
What is included in the price of each keystage?
Each keystage will be agreed in broad terms at the initial free consultation meeting with you. Once the project brief is defined a specific keystage programme and contents will be formulated and agreed with costs attributed accordingly.For example, the cost of a multi-pitch 5-a-side 3G Football Turf complex or full size match pitch conversion to 3G Football Turf will be more expensive than a single 5-a-side 3G training pitch.
What is the typical Project Programme from concept to completion?
A typical Project Programme for the conversion of a stadium match pitch to 3G Football Turf would be approx. 40 weeks. Whilst the physical construction works would take only 6-8weeks to complete, the pre-construction works including planning, funding solutions, business case feasibility, etc. would attract greater timescale requirements.
How does S&C Slatter deliver everything?
Fundamental to our core desires at S&C Slatter is the ability to deliver the entire project for the client. Too often we see great ideas and concepts that require the client to engage many individual services in order to achieve what they want. This brings risk, greater interface issues, longer timescales and often increased cost. S&C Slatter has created a team of experts, each at the top of their game, all working together for a common purpose. The client has a single point of contact, a single contract responsibility and a single delivery vehicle.
How do I contact the S&C Slatter 3G Football Turf team?
We can be contacted on 01635 34521 or via our online contact form.S&C Slatter are taking their 3G Football Turf concept to the clubs; we recognise that you the club owners and officers do not always have the time available to break off from your day jobs to attend to club matters. So we are coming to you. S&C Slatter will be hosting a number of evening road shows at regional locations to offer advice and guidance. Book into our seminars on our website for details of your nearest event coming soon.
Why the name 3G Football Turf?
Football Turf is the globally recognised terminology used for what we in the UK call 3G Artificial Grass. There is currently no such thing as 4th Generation (4G) Turf. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! 3G Football Turf is the terminology employed by FIFA and the FA to describe the artificial grass systems that are providing a long term sustainable alternative to natural grass surfaces for football.

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