3G Football Turf Services

S&C Slatter’s 3G Football Turf services are a single point solution to take your project seamlessly from concept to a working, sustainable, revenue-generating reality.

A Complete Solution for Your Football Club

We offer a complete range of 3G Football Turf Services for the lifetime of your artificial turf

We know that often football club owners and officials are time-poor in regard to delivering projects for their club. S&C Slatter fills the knowledge gap and provides complete solutions for each and every aspect of the project’s delivery including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Legal affairs
  • Planning
  • Business planning
  • Funding solutions
  • Construction design and delivery

Realistic Solutions and Expert Advice

3G Football Turf Services from S&C Slatter, the artificial turf experts

We seek to provide solutions and not false starts and false hopes for a facility development. We have prepared a process that minimises commercial commitment until such time as the project achieves all appropriate permissions and funding. This removes time-consuming and costly exercises as you try and pull your own team of the ‘right’ people together.

Instead S&C Slatter’s 3G Football Turf services include:

    • Realistic funding solutions
    • Business case data and reporting
    • Market-leading construction and maintenance services
    • Expert planning advice
    • FIFA accredited 3G Football Turf systems
    • And crucially, all the tools necessary to market your facility and ensure its success



Including Sutton United FC, Hampton School, Newtown AFC, Shrewsbury House School, Swanmore College, Harvesters FC, Newland School, The Ravensbourne School and Cedar Hall School