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Hockey is a fast, skilful and demanding sport which challenges the playing surface to consistently deliver a high standard of performance appropriate to the relevant standard of play. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a National club game or an inter-school match, the hockey pitch has to provide a surface which encourages the players to be the very best that they can.

The very nature of the game also demands that an artificial turf hockey pitch is hard wearing , is available for play at all times, and requires a supportable level of maintenance.

All of this has to be achieved within the context of a specific location, which may significantly impact on the design and construction detailing of a new facility, and of course, within a budget which is affordable to the client.

We believe that as a provider of artificial turf hockey pitches, it’s simply not enough to have a good quality hockey surfacing product: you have to have the skills and experience to deliver this in a project which returns targetted and sustainable benefits for the client.

And so, at S&C Slatter, when developing specifications and plans for a new artificial turf pitch pitch, you will see us placing as much emphasis and importance on how a project is structured and managed, as on the design and construction elements of the proposed facility.

We also set great store by creating a spirit of partnership with our clients, ensuring that each part of the process is communicated and understood as it progresses. Feedback from previous projects confirms that this approach is appreciated by our customers and really helps to deliver on plan.

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Our specialisations in artificial turf projects for hockey

New build artificial hockey pitch

Fully engineering pitch with sub-base construction, drainage system, shock pad/performance layer, artificial turf surfacing system, perimeter fencing, pitch equipment, floodlighting, storage, access paths and spectator areas.

Hockey pitch performance upgrade re-engineering of existing sub-base if necessary, introduction/replacement of shock pad/performance layer, new artificial turf surfacing system, replacement and or uprated pitch infrastructure and ancillaries.

Artificial hockey surface renewal

Uplift and approved disposal of existing surface, repairs/maintenance to shock pad/performance layer, new artificial turf surfacing system.

Depending on the standard of play performance you are looking to achieve, one of the following generic types of artificial turf hockey surface, can be provided for your project. We have a partnership with the world’s leading manufacturing house enabling us to bring you high quality products which offer and sustain their performance over an extended whole life period, and are supported by substantial and meaningful warranties.

Water-based artificial turf

A high level surface for competitive hockey and training (at national/international standard.

Sand-dressed artificial turf

A preferred surface for competitive hockey and training (at regional/national level).

Sand-filled artificial turf

An acceptable surface for competitive hockey and training.

Short Pile 3G artificial turf

An acceptable surface for hockey training and some competition. Most often installed where football is also to be played.


artifical hockey pitch

Artificial turf Surfacing Systems

Our range of hockey-specific artificial turf surface systems are designed to provide performance, safety and comfort for all standards from recreational through club standard to National and International performance.

The exclusive manufacturing process, known as PPG – Polymer, Process, Geometry – in essence exerts a key control over the quality of the end product, guaranteeing consistently high whole life performance and return on investment.

The monofilament fibre used in our water based, sand-dressed and sand-filled artificial turf for hockey is elliptical and texturised, to retain its shape and ensure a fast, uniform and non-directional playing surface. Unlike traditional nylon surfaces which are highly abrasive, this polyethylene fibre is softer and actually extends the practical life of the pitch. This resistance to wear and tear, and the right level of UV stability are key factors in ensuring a durable hockey surface.

For competitive hockey and training, these surfaces have been designed to offer a range from which a system can be selected to best match your requirements.

Water-based artificial turf

13mm high density pile which is watered during the game to maintain to optimum comfort, safety and playability. Watering also extends the life of the hockey pitch.

Sand-dress artificial turf

18mm pile with a longer and less dense structure. Sand dressed with kiln-dried sand to between 65% and 80% of the pile depth. This assists in ensuring vertical stability.

Sand-filled artificial turf

22mm and filled up to 100% of its pile depth with a selected kiln-dried sand. The infill helps to keep the pile vertical and retain optimal drainage levels.


Useful Documents

Please refer to our library which carries a number of useful documents produced by the sport’s governing and or advisory bodies.

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With S&C Slatter our team of specialists can deliver a complete turnkey solution for your school, club or sports centre. We aim to provide a single point of contact, a single delivery vehicle, single contract responsibility, taking away all the hassle of multi-agency resourcing; making the process simple and straightforward.



Including Bloxham School, Dulwich College, Reading Hockey Club, St Bartholomew’s School, Wellington College, Knighton House School and Epsom College