Hockey Pitch Construction Process

Practical Assessment

Our Project Advisory Team is skilled in identifying potential best solutions for your project through discussion of your objectives and working parameters, and assessment of your existing facility or proposed new build location. The relevant outcomes will form the basis of a practical, working proposal into which is introduced design, performance, logistical and financial specifics.

A plan of ‘how it will happen’ which is feasible, practical and affordable is as important if not more so than any other part of the project proposal. It doesn’t matter how good the pitch system is, if the delivery process itself is not equally well designed and managed, the project will fail to achieve its targets and very often negate the benefits of the project as a whole.

What is necessary is what we call ‘Intelligent Delivery’ and it’s something for which we are fast earning an excellent reputation for providing.



We have a simple yet effective approach to design, which is firmly rooted in ‘don’t baffle the client with science’. Working with you, we take the results of the practical assessment and begin to add some detail into a ‘model’ of how the facility may be constructed and detailed to best deliver the brief. There is no standard solution; all site locations are different and each client is likely to have their own, sometimes, unique, requirements.

For instance, it’s not enough to assume that a groundworks and sub-base specification that has worked in other situations, will automatically be good for your site. So our Design Team take fully into account all local conditions and environmental influences such as the geology, water table and so on in developing the final design proposals.

In terms of the artificial turf pitch surface, our in-house technical expertise, coupled with that of our manufacturing partner, the World’s leading designing and producer of artificial sport turf, provides a range of sports surfacing systems which is unrivalled in design excellence and whole life performance.

Often we are asked to design an artificial turf hockey pitch which as well as playing to a specific hockey performance standard, can also be used for a second sport such as Football. It is here that our specialist knowledge can be particularly beneficial in balancing the needs of each sport through a specification encompasses sub-base, shockpad and playing surfacing elements.

Our design solutions very often include other key features such as watering and fencing systems, floodlighting, pitch decontamination and spectator areas, storage and access paths.


Civil Engineering

The specification and construction of an effective, high performance sub-base structure for hockey can often demand a high level of civil engineering expertise. For instance, if the preferred location for a new build facility requires significant earthworks and modelling to create a formation level on which to commence the build, a good deal of specialist knowledge in disciplines such as CBR construction, land drainage and materials science will be necessary.

At S&C Slatter, our technical and civil engineering departments embody an extensive range of skills and experience encompassing design, resourcing, construction and project

management, all accented to the very specific and challenging demands of creating outstanding sports pitch facilities. The majority of our team have worked within the industry, and indeed for the company, over many years and have enjoyed key roles in projects of International and National significance.

This, together with an on-going programme of investment in the latest construction technology, methodology and equipment enables us to provide a state of the art delivery to all our projects. At the same time these resources extend our technical reach to include ancillary works including access roads, car parking, spectator facilities, changing rooms/club houses.


Including Bloxham School, Dulwich College, Reading Hockey Club, St Bartholomew’s School, Wellington College, Knighton House School and Epsom College