Sand-dressed and Sand-filled Artificial Turf


S&C Slatter offers your school, club or leisure centre a full sand-dressed artificial turf pitch construction service. Our friendly team of sand-dressed artificial turf pitch specialists can take your project from design and planning through to completion.

About Sand-dressed and Sand-filled Artificial Turf

Sand-filled Artificial Turf
Sand-dressed artificial turf surfaces are designed to provide an ideal, fast-paced surface for competitive hockey. It’s artificial pile is normally between 18mm and 22mm in depth and is much more dense than one would find for instance with sand-filled artificial turf. The surface is only partially filled and therefore you play on the artificial turf carpet not the sand infill.
Sand-filled artificial turf has for many years provided a versatile and durable multi-use games area surface. Due to the depth and quantity of sand-infill, play predominantly takes place on the sand-infill itself, reducing the degree of wear on the artificial turf fibre. However the infill has to be managed through a regular maintenance programme to keep it to the right depth and distribution, and free from ‘Contamination’.


Sand-dressed and Sand-filled Artificial Turf for Hockey

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) classifies artificial turf pitches into two categories: Global and National.

This classification is based on a series of pitch performance requirements including the behaviour of the hockey ball and drainage characteristics. These are measured on a finished pitch surface under carefully controlled conditions by a suitably qualified testing house.

These requirements demonstrate varying degrees of playing characteristics, performance and safety, related to each category.

Full details of the surface performance criteria can be found in the FIH Handbook of Performance Requirements for Synthetic Turf Hockey Pitches” (the Pitch Handbook) available on the FIH web site

Further information can also be found on the FIH web site under ‘Facilities’ or on the England Hockey web site under ‘Facilities Guidance’


Sand-dressed and Sand-filled Artificial Turf for Multi-use Games Areas (MUGA)

Sand-Dressed multi use

Although principally designed for Hockey, sand-dressed artificial turf also provides an excellent surface for a multi-use games area (MUGA). In addition to hockey, football can be played to a recreational standard and the sand-dressed artificial turf surface can also host tennis, netball and basketball to a good, multi-use standard.

Sand-dressed artificial turf pitches are a good choice for schools, leisure centres and local communities who need to play a variety of sports on a single pitch facility.

Alternatively, sand-filled artificial turf offers a durable surface for a multi-use games area (MUGA). A wide range of sports can be played including hockey, football, tennis, netball, basketball and other non-contact sports.

Sport England publishes a useful guide on its web site to surface selection.


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